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ecancerpatient provides information for patients to use while discussing treatment options with their doctor.  Our videos of cancer specialists talking about the most recent advances in care are designed to empower patients to become more involved in vital treatment decisions. 

To ensure our information is as reliable and up to date as possible, we attend cancer conferences across the world and speak directly to leading specialists. This information is made available in an accessible format developed in partnership with patient support groups.

All of our videos are checked by cancer experts from the European Institute of Oncology to ensure they are accurate and reliable. 


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Treating metastatic bladder cancer with immunotherapy shows encouraging results

Dr Matthew Galsky talks about his recent trial which explores the treatment options of bladder cancer with the drug Nivolumab.

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Supporting carers will provide better patient care

Monica Morris talks about her research which identifies some of the issues that carers of multiple myeloma patients face, and how they can access support.

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What are the preventive methods and treatments for throat cancer?

Prof Terry Day discusses Oropharyngeal Cancer, ways in which to treat it and prevent its development.