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Glossary of Terms

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Cancer in situ

The stage where a cancer is still confined to the tissue in which it started.

Carcinoembryonic antigen

(CEA) A blood tumour marker.


A substance that causes cancer. For example, tar in cigarettes is a carcinogen that causes lung cancer.


A type of cancer that starts in the skin or the lining of organs.

CAT scan

(CT scan) A scan used to build up a 3-D picture of inside the body. The scan can often detect tumours in organs and tissue.


(Carcinoembryonic antigen) A blood tumour marker.

Central venous catheter

A special tube that is surgically inserted into a large vein near the heart and exits from the chest or abdomen. The catheter allows medications, fluids, or blood products to be given and blood samples to be taken.

Cervical carcinoma

A cancer of the cervix.

Cervical nodes

Lymph nodes in the neck.


The neck of the uterus.


The treatment of cancer with drugs.


A malignant tumour of cartilage that usually occurs near the ends of the long bones.


Persisting over a long period of time.

Clinical trial

Procedure to see how effective drugs are before being used across the board to treat patients.


A procedure to look at the colon or large bowel through a lighted, flexible tube.

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