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About ecancerpatient

ecancerpatient is a not-for-profit website that gives cancer patients access to the same information that is currently available to cancer professionals.  Our aim is to support patients who would like to become more involved in making joint decisions about the treatment and care they receive. 

We believe that patients will only be able to become active partners in the management of their cancer care, by becoming well informed about the latest developments in the world of cancer.  Through, we aim to help empower patients and contribute to making this possible.

The ecancer Global Foundation provides all of the medical information and scientific support for

The ecancer Global Foundation:

The ecancer Global Foundation is a charity with over 12 years' experience in providing accessible, high-quality educational content, free to the global oncology community. Our mission is to help healthcare professionals get the information they need to give the best care to cancer patients.

To do this we publish, a vast online knowledge bank incorporating an open-access journal, news, video, and e-learning (in both English and Spanish).  We also run medical education events all over the world, helping to connect the healthcare community to practice changing knowledge.

All of our resources are available for free and have been developed in partnership with leading global experts to meet international/regional educational needs




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